At the Concert

We now offer Scholarships for Anyone wanting to join Competition Team(s)

All Scholarships will be determined, reviewed and approved through Studio Director Lorna Sherer.

Due to the Generosity of  Donors/Patrons (anonymous or otherwise) and also several Special event Fundraisers throughout the year, we can soon offer a Scholarship program for students who STRIVE to become a part of the Competitive Dance Teams.

Rules and qualifications do apply to be awarded scholarship(s) and a qualifying acceptance through the AUDITION process is Required,

Any exemplary dancer who qualifies for a Team but does not have the resources may apply for a scholarship.

They must:

  • Pass the audition

            (see SCHEDULE for Auditions)

  • Show consistent Attendance

  • Be Punctual

  • Be Determined, Driven & Ambitious

  • Be a Team Player

  • And Love to Dance