We now offer Scholarships for Anyone wanting to join Competition Team(s)

All Scholarships will be determined, reviewed and approved through Studio Director Lorna Sherer.

Due to the Generosity of  Donors/Patrons (anonymous or otherwise) and also several Special event Fundraisers throughout the year, we can soon offer a Scholarship program for students who STRIVE to become a part of the Competitive Dance Teams.


Rules and qualifications do apply to be awarded scholarship(s) and a qualifying acceptance through the AUDITION process is Required,

Any exemplary dancer who qualifies for a Team but does not have the resources may apply for a scholarship.

They must:

  • Pass the audition

            (see SCHEDULE for Auditions)

  • Show consistent Attendance

  • Be Punctual

  • Be Determined, Driven & Ambitious

  • Be a Team Player

  • And Love to Dance