Fee Schedule 2019-2020


Registration Fee is $35 per Student per YEAR

All Fees are Non-Refundable

Check or Cash payable to Lorna Sherer 

At this time Registering and payment will have to be made in person on Registration Days/Deadlines. To expedite the process we appreciate if you could go to PDF printable Form and have it ready at the time.  

If this is not possible, Forms will be available at the Studio.

Thank you.

For a printable Registration PDF click on Icon here

Quarterly Fee schedule - October 1st 2019 through June 6, 2020

Quarterly Payments Due by September 30, December 19, and March 31

Fees are Subject to change

One Lesson per Student - $138.00 = $138.00

     2nd  Lesson per Student - $132.00 = $270.00

           3rd Lesson per Student - $126.00 =  $396.00 

               4th Lesson per Student - $120.00 =  $516.00 

One Student - $138.00 = $138.00

           2nd Student - $132.00 = $270.00

                    3rd Student - $126.00 =  $396.00 

                            4th  Student - $120.00 =  $516.00 

Competition Team Classes  $212.00 Per Month/Per Person

Monthly Tuition Schedule (Only by special arrangement) begins on the 1st class of the Quarter

For a printable Registration PDF click on Icon here

One Class per Student - $46.00 = $46.00

     2nd Class per Student - $44.00 = $90.00

           3rd Class per Student - $42.00 =  $132.00 

               4th Class per Student - $40.00 =  $172.00 

Costume Fee Information

Cash or Check payable to Lorna Sherer

The Costume Fee is $98.00 a year per Costume/Student. If you prefer, you may pay the fee in two separate payments as follows: 

First costume fee of $49 per costume/Student is Due Thursday, Oct. 24th.

Second Costume fee, $49 is Due by Saturday, Nov. 23.


All student costumes must be ordered before the end of December to ensure that they are received before the scheduled performances.

Your child's costume will not be ordered if payment is not received by final due date. Costumes are paid in full when ordered in December.  

Thank You, Lorna