Fire Dance Show


At Lorna’s Studio of Dance we strive to offer students of all ages the best possible dance instruction and education through compassionate, professional instructors in a welcoming, family-oriented environment.


Lorna’s Studio of Dance is committed to inspiring our students to become all they can be.


Lorna’s Studio of dance promotes equity and diversity, self-respect, strong self-confidence, discipline and appreciation through the fine art of dancing by inspiring every dancer to find the creativity inside oneself.


Lorna’s Studio of Dance’s short-term vision is to expand our dance programs based on our community’s continued interest in dance, theater and physical fitness.  Our vision is determined through the ages of our dancers.  We plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream.

Lorna’s Studio of Dance’s long-term vision is to encourage our community with non-competitive and, competitive dance education while offering many performance opportunities in a facility that will motivate, educate and cultivate an appreciation of the fine arts.  It is through our mission and vision that Lorna’s Studio of Dance will create “change” in our world’s future through our dancers.  We will strive for excellence and accept only positive thinking.