• Dance attire required is as follows (all are available through the studio)

-Children: Pink,, Purple or Black Leotard with Pink Tights (boys may negotiate with instructor)

-Pre-Teens and Teens: Black Leotard, Fitted shorts only and Pink Tights (boys may negotiate with instructor).

-Adults: Slim fitting Work-out Pants or Capri-style with Form-fitting T-Shirts.

  • At NO time will Floor-Dragging Pants accepted​.

  • Hair must absolutely be pulled back from the face and securely fastened in a pony tail braided or bun before your scheduled dance class. Make sure this is done before it is time for Class.

  • Absolutely NO cell phones, gum, candy or drinks in class. If you need a need a drink do so before class, Water breaks will be offered often. 

  • Do not leave the dance floor during class unless you are EXCUSED by the instructor.

  • If other students are working with the instructor during class - sit down on the floor in your place in line while you wait​. This will often help teach you something new just by watching.

Above all be respectful and have fun.​

Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated.



Before you begin the FIRST Rule is to Have Fun!

  • Absolutely no Jeans, Coats, Hoodies Big T-Shirts are to be worn during dance class.

  • No cell phones allowed while dancing