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Studio Rules & Etiquette

Before you begin the FIRST Rule is to Have FUN!

  • AttendanceIf you are running late or unable to attend class, please let me know since some of our classes are small.  I will let your assigned teacher know that you will not be attending class.

  • Drinks/Water:  Only water is allowed in the dance studio’s.  Absolutely no food or glass containers are allowed in any of the dance studios.

  • Dance Attire:  Black leotard, pink tights, black booty shorts or ballet skirt ONLY.  Sweat shirts off!!!  Teachers and students have a better visual experience on how everyone performs the same movements and what they are working for. It is also easier for the teacher and student to spot a problem that needs correcting.

  • Hair:  Make sure your hair is pulled back in a ponytail, bun or braids.  When a teacher has to put your hair up it takes away from class time.

  • Class Schedule/Phones:  Only the students that are scheduled for class are allowed in the dance rooms.  No phones in the studio while dancing.

  • Talking:  Do not continually talk throughout your classes.  If you have a question regarding movements, music etc please ask your teacher.  Talking about what happened at school that day is counter productive.  The only sitting that should be done in class is for stretching.

  • Respect/ Bullying:  Respect goes a long way.  Please be respectful and considerate of your teachers  and dancing friends. If you are  having a problem with something or someone at the studio contact Lorna as soon as possible.  Knowing what is right doesn't mean much unless you do what’s right. Always love and respect yourself no matter what.

Thank you, Lorna and Staff

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