New Guidelines and Rules

for Covid-19 Protocols

We are following The CDC Guidelines and participating with  our local health authorities suggestions.

We understand that many have been vaccinated and we very much support your effort. However, we do have Students and others of various ages, starting at 3yrs old. A lot of our younger ones have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated.

So we will continuing to post our older protocols for the Studio.

Your discretion is supported and appreciated.

masked for safety.jpg

         Teachers arrive at 5 minutes early of the Class.

 Parent's are not allowed in the building, drop off only 

  • Make sure everyone has a mask and is wearing it before entering the building.

  • If the student is showing any signs of illness they will not be allowed to take classes until they are well.

  • Upon arrival your teacher will take your temperature at the back door. A no touch thermometer will be supplied.

  • All teachers/students must wear a mask for the duration of the class

  • All hands must be sanitized when entering the studio

  • Signing in will be required for each student in each class. Name, time in & out with contact phone#.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD will be allowed in the studio. Water only.

  • Limitation of the bags coming in. Only bring in shoes and/or other aparell required for you class.

  • The required 6 foot spaces will be laid out on the dance floor. It will take some adjusting and getting used to this requirement for all of us since dance is continually in motion.

  • We will not be using the bars or mattes for any of the classes. All classes will be center stage only until further notice.

  • After each class please wipe down any of the equipment, including stereo system with supplied sanitary wipes.

  • If you see someone touching their face of blow their nose, please ask them to wash their hands.

  • If a student is coughing they will be dismissed from class immediately.

  • Studio 2 (the small one) will only be of limited use and smaller classes. The floor will be marked with 6 foot spacing.

  • The studio is to be entered through the parking lot entrance and we will exit through the front (street side) door to keep any area of the studio from populated congestion.