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Michael Martin

My dance career started in 1974 when at the age of 10 I asked my mom if it would be ok if I took tap dance and ballet lessons at Charlene Staley’s Dance Studio located in Olathe, Kansas.

My younger sister Lorie was already taking tap and ballet lessons at Charlene’s studio but I soon discovered that I was also memorizing the tap and ballet routines and was able to perform them after watching my sister and her classmates practice. I studied tab and ballet for ten years performing in many dance recitals and, many other performance opportunities.

I studied ballroom dancing at the Berry Dance Studio in Shawnee, Kansas from 1983 through 1984. From 1995 through 1998 I performed with the Kansas City Spurs; a country and western line dancing group and enjoyed performing at Rodeo’s and other country and western events all over the country.  I continued country and western line dancing well into 2001 and still enjoy it today!

I discovered Lorna’s Studio of Dance in 2014 when my very good friend of 40 years suggested we find an activity we both could to together.  Unfortunately my friend had to quit lessons after only a year due to health reasons but, I continued on at Lorna’s studio and have been dancing there ever since.  I was proud and very honored when in 2019 when Lorna asked me if I was interested in teaching part-time.  Which I empathetically said yes.

I have enjoyed dancing since I was ten year old and, I look forward to dancing well into my twlight years.