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At the Lorna Sherer Studio of Dance, children’s costumes and music are always age appropriate. We do not compromise on this. No two-piece costumes are used. Music is tasteful and can be enjoyed by everyone

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Cash or Check Payable to Lorna Sherer

  • The Costume Fee for each recreational class this year is $105.00 per costume/student which is due by November 19

  • If you prefer you may pay the fee in 2 seperate payments as follows:

1.  First Costume Fee of $53.00 is Due By, Thursday, October 27​

2. Second Costume Fee of $52.00 is Due By Saturday, November 19


  • All Costume Fees are Non-Refundable'

  • All student costumes must be ordered before the end of December to ensure that they are received before the scheduled performances.

  • Your child's costume will not be ordered if payment is not received by the final due date. Costumes are paid for in full when ordered in December/January.

Thank you, Lorna

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