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At the Lorna Sherer Studio of Dance, children’s costumes and music are always age appropriate. We do not compromise on this. No two-piece costumes are used. Music is tasteful and can be enjoyed by everyone

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Costume Fee Information

Cash or Check payable to Lorna Sherer

The Costume Fee is $98.00 a year per Costume/Student. If you prefer, you may pay the fee in two separate payments as follows: 

First costume fee of $49 per costume/Student is Due last week of Oct. 

Second Costume fee, $49 is Due by the class before Thanksgiving.


All student costumes must be ordered before the end of December to ensure that they are received before the scheduled performances.

Your child's costume will not be ordered if payment is not received by final due date. Costumes are paid in full when ordered in December.  

Thank You, Lorna

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