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Competition Teams





If you or your child are interested in taking their dancing to the next level, we encourage them to try out for our competition team! Our competition instructors are all top-level and have a passion for helping our dancers achieve their dreams. Competition team members will compete with their teammates at 2-3 local competitions, take special master classes, and learn the value of teamwork and cooperation. Competition dates are chosen in the first few months of the year and communicated ahead of time.


A few benefits to competing:

  • Exposure to other dancers and dance styles—you can learn a lot by watching!

  • Performance experience

  • The opportunity to further challenge themselves and grow their skills

  • Character development

  • Making Connections and building life-long friendships

  • Potential for dance scholarships and prize money

  • Learning to win and lose with grace

  • Practice positive teamwork

  • The reward of setting and reaching goals

  • Constructive feedback from dance industry professionals

At Lorna’s, we use competition as a way for dancers to gauge their own growth through consistency and hard work. We teach our dancers that their biggest competition is not the dancer next to them onstage, but themselves. We compete not to win trophies or awards (though that can be fun, too!)  but to grow a little, individually and as a group, every time we step on stage. Competition should be FUN! It should be a positive experience, and although it can come with extra pressure and sometimes disappointment, learning to handle those emotions positively and constructively is a fantastic life skill to have.

 If you are interested, please see a staff member for more information or call



Ms. Lorna

Ms. Melanie

Ms. Melissa

Ms. Jalaysia

Ms. Ella

Competition Teams are Developed by an Audition process;

All the Auditions (all ages, all levels).


If you are new to the Studio and feel you can qualify please see Ms. Lorna

or contact us for special circumstance qualifications.

Team Requirements -- at least 5 classes per week

  • One Ballet/Ballet Technique class per week

  • Leaps and Turns class

  • At least one class in each category in which you compete

  • Rehearsals are required on Saturdays, which is included in your monthly tuition.

  • Adults may have other negotiated requirements but will be held to keep a high level of standards. endurance and ability.



    Fee for Auditions

$5 per person, per audition

Check or Cash only (nonrefundable)

    We now have scholarship Programs for those wanting to be part of a Team but not the resources.

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